Web & Animation

Iaminawe does not design websites. Iaminawe creates web experiences.

These are delivered through effective and creative use of modern web technologies allowing sites to become immersive experiences that do not compromise function for beauty.

On the client side, the creation of these experiences starts with a thorough strategic analysis of your brand and objectives. Once we know why you want a site and who it’s aimed at, we will work with you to create a strategy that will help to achieve these goals and continue to attract visitors long after the site has gone live.

The sites we create range from small micro-sites through to large web presences including administration areas for managing and maintaining the site content and mailing lists. Sites are built in a modular user friendly fashion that allows for easy updating and future expansion.

We offer a whole range of services relating to your site including hosting, domain name registration, statistics on visitors and newsletter management. We believe it is important to establish effective communication channels with your site visitors/customers and have an efficient system for sending out branded newsletters and monitoring the success rate of these mail shots.

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