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Cityflauge T-shirts

iaminawe has teamed up with Fittees to create 5 new Cityflauge T-shirt designs currently on sale around Cape Town. The designs were realised with some very cool experimental printing techniques involving neon ink and bleach that gave the design a subtle 2 layers of detail. Thanks to the Fittees guys for modelling the tees in the gallery too :)


The “sheisaninja” design made it into the whatiftheworld gallery for their second t-shirt exhibition. We went to check it out but the gallery was closed so this was what it looked like from outside.

New T*M*A*S T-Shirts

Tmas TeeI couldn't believe it

T*M*A*S T-Shirt

Tmas T-shirt

Afrodeity T-Shirts


Cityflauge T-shirts

The first set of iaminawe t-shirts comes in the set of the “Cityflauge” series. A set of 20 individual hand screened and painted t-shirts that have generated a lot of interest. Each shirt was an one-off original and now all we have left of them are some cool photos and this microsite created

Citiflauge T-shirts


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