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sShadoworkss Website launched



Iaminawe created this wordpress site (no longer live) for legendary Cape Town underground event/tour/artist management outfit, sShadoworkss. These guys are the shadows behind some of Cape Town’s great parties and pulsing electronic music scene and they know how to keep the basslines rolling, the glitches glitching and the dancefloor rocking until the early hours. These behind the scenes shadows and their musical minions are exploring new areas of the sonic frontier with their fearless approach to redefining genres and inventing new ones.

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Kirstenbosch Goldfish VJ

This was an awesome afternoon concert in Cape Town’s beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. I was VJing on a matrix of 9 60″ plasmas and the fish were in full force with an awesome drummer, jazz vocalist and guitarist all adding up to a rocking set for an audience of over 3000 people.

The photos in the above gallery were taken by Angella and the guys on stage.

Read more about the gig on Goldfishes myspace blog and view a video of the gig over at www.goldfishlive.com

VJ Skabenga Goldfish DVD

Motion graphic madness has been in the air with an hour long set by VJ Skabenga mixing original 2D and 3D animation with performance footage, created for Goldfish and released with their new album. This is an exerpt from one song called “Mbira Beat”.

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Iaminawe also created the super cool packaging and promotional material for the album.

Chaos in Motion



This is the first series of motion graphics experiments in the “chaos in motion” series. The microsite above links to the 3 full 1 minute videos and the animation below is a best of selection. This was a really interesting set of experiments that utilised 3D test renders from Max, scanned and treated paraphenalia collected on our travels, particle systems in after effects, flat 2D animation in flash and liberal use of the VJ program Resolume to mix it all up.

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