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Cape Town Youth

A photo assignment for Australia based design magazine Yen. The brief was to capture different styles from the street in a laid back informal way.

Cape Town Youth photo editorial

Freelink website

Freelink 01Freelink 02freelink03.jpg


A new flash site has been completed for Cape Town based photographic services company Freelink.
The site features a portfolio of their photography as well as many locations galleries so have a look to get a great overview of Cape Towns many textures.

Iaminawe Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to all our clients and friends! We wish you the happiest 2004!
Please click to view our flash christmas card constructed out of various characters and items collected on our travels.



Sandboarding Article & Photos

This article was written/designed for Adrenaline Magazine and was based on our recent experience sandboarding amongst the giant dunes of Huacachina in Peru. It truly was a magical place and we stayed for a few weeks on the way in and on the way out of Peru. Unfortunately a sandstorm claimed our digital camera but we managed to squeeze off a few before the camera seized.

Read the article full size here

Daliland 01Daliland 02Daliland 03

We have recently posted up some of our sandboarding pictures under the fotografik section.

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