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Pocko website launched



Pocko is an independent press and a creative agency based in London (and now also in Milan). As legend goes, Pocko was a Hungarian acrobat and the first person to cross the Niagara Falls walking on a tight rope. She was a fearless risk-taking individual who never looked down.

The new website was a complex undertaking and encompassed effectively managing and displaying over 45 artist portfolios and 23 pocket size pocko books already been published by Pocko. Iaminawe planned and implemented a web system and strategy that allows Pocko and the numerous artists it represents to easily keep the high quality artwork on the site up to date.

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Dystopia Illustration


2002 London Flippenbook

This flippenbook was created from illustrations created by Gregg Coppen while living in London. The inspiration throughout is the concrete landscape of London that allowed me to glide around the city on my Sector 9 longboard skateboard. Beats the tube any day.

This flippenbook is a collection of a few of Angella Coppen’s illustrations and streams of concious while living in London

So whats a flippen book? Well, if you haven’t yet, just try flip the pages of the illustration above and you will unearth a collection of interesting and beautiful illustrations and designs from that period of our lives.

If you would like to view this and other flippenbooks full size please open the flippenbook browser in another window.

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