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Laugh it off Annual 3


Angella recently created this illustration for the Laugh it Off Annual 3 and the theme was religion. The book has just been published and is for sale around the country. As always its filled with controversial, well written material with high quality visual content from a range of contributors.

This issue takes a look at “Humourology” - a new religion - and is published in a leather bound bible format… go Justice…

Mimefields article

Mimefields article

This was written and illustrated after we came across a strange piece of street theatre at the Grahamstown Festival. The mimes that takeover the town during the festival have a cool original african style. Read the full size article here

Laugh it Off’s Desire Magazine

Iaminawe recently had some illustrations featured in Laugh It Off’s satirical bi-monthly magazine‚Ķ. And this issues theme was “Desire”


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