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New Goldfish CD Artwork

CD Cover Artwork Front

CD Artwork Front

iaminawe recently completed graphic work on Goldfish’s second album including the print and multimedia components of the release. These included a poster, a tablecloth, a t-shirt, concert banners and bonus CD-ROM content containing a half hour live set of the fish in action. The CD is literally packed to the edge with tunes and goodies and we are proud to see our work getting exposure alongside the fishes beats and jazzy vibes. Keep reading to see some of the new designed stuff.

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Kirstenbosch Goldfish VJ

This was an awesome afternoon concert in Cape Town’s beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. I was VJing on a matrix of 9 60″ plasmas and the fish were in full force with an awesome drummer, jazz vocalist and guitarist all adding up to a rocking set for an audience of over 3000 people.

The photos in the above gallery were taken by Angella and the guys on stage.

Read more about the gig on Goldfishes myspace blog and view a video of the gig over at www.goldfishlive.com

All Night Music Video


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We are proud to finally launch the Goldfish All Night video out into the wild world web… it was a gruelling month or two of learning 3D the hard way on a groaning PC working day and night to render out the 7 layers that were comped in After Effects and mixed with motion graphics and live footage to create the end product. It has been shown on MK89, MTV Base, E-TV and SABC 3 and the track “All Night” has done really well on local radio stations and abroad.

If you like the video please give it a rating or comment at youtube and help it to be seen by more ppl.

There was a chilled interview with the band about the new video and album over at The Armchair and a cool post about the video over at inside peak performances

To find out more about Goldfish view the site we built for them at goldfishlive.com or there is always their myspace. If you are in South Africa it is also possible to buy the video for your mobile phone over at 35050

Goldfish Poster and Packaging

Iaminawe designed the new CD/DVD packaging for Goldfish’s debut album “Caught in the Loop”. In addition to the packaging, we also created the posters and flyers for the release as well as an hours worth of VJ visuals created from a mix of original 3D animation, live footage and motion graphics that ccompanied the album on the Bonus DVD. Since creating these visuals VJ Skabenga has been cutting and chopping the visual accompaniment to their beats infused jazz at live performances.

Goldfish Cd Design
Goldfish Cd Design

Goldfish cd cliche

VJ Skabenga Goldfish DVD

Motion graphic madness has been in the air with an hour long set by VJ Skabenga mixing original 2D and 3D animation with performance footage, created for Goldfish and released with their new album. This is an exerpt from one song called “Mbira Beat”.

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Iaminawe also created the super cool packaging and promotional material for the album.

Goldfish website



A new site for Cape Town based duo Goldfish…. fluid and spontaneous beats induced jazz with a fresh combination of live instruments and electronic action. These guys play a mean live show… the site is a full flash exploratory experience containing gig guides, galleries & videos all in an iaminawe designed package.

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