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New Day Animation



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This was iaminawes first theatre animation and it was 10 minutes worth of painter/flash/after effects animation that received great feedback from press and audiences. It was a crazy ride of learning after effects and developing an animation workflow with painter. It turns out to be one of our favourite pieces of work and we are still really proud of it.

Be sure to check out the New Day microsite showcasing the other aspects of design work iaminawe created.

African Labyrinth website



Did you know that labyrinths existed in africa? These ancient symbols were believed to exist long before originally believed with evidence of labyrinths appearing in Egypt and Angola. This site is a fun take on Anni Hennop’s labyrinth designs that iaminawe realised in 3D and created walkthroughs, 3D animations and photo gallerys of these concepts based on provided drawings.

Iaminawe V1 website

Thought this may be a fun little blast from the past


Aaahhh back in the days of Flash 3, we put this site together in a week while living inside the extinct crater of a volcano overlooking the beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Fueled by chocolate cake and guatemala greens, we worked on this while we were travelling the Central and South America and I think the first version was launched from an Internet Cafe in Bolivia…

Back in the days when the preloader was as big as the flash movie, when flickering epileptic animation was still cool and when (gasp), 3D could be imported into flash through Swift 3D… the web seemed like an exciting place to be and animation of any kind was just exhilirating… enjoy.

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