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Animation/Motion Graphics/Broadcast
Iaminawe creates high quality motion graphics and animation in a variety of different mediums for broadcast, theatre, live events and web delivery.

We have developed a strong portfolio in producing animation for successful theatre and live events over the past two years. We have animated and projected for democracy celebrations, Greek tragedies, musicals, operas and a ballet and have consistently received favorable press regarding our work.
We use stop motion, live action, compositing, 2D, Flash and 3D animation to achieve the creative goals required by our clients.

Iaminawe has animated music videos and TV show identities for broadcast and are always looking for new exciting opportunities in this field.

Our work has been broadcast locally on SABC 3, SABC 2, SABC 1, Kyknet and Kenya Television.

Live Performance visuals (VJ)

Iaminawe chop and scratch their particular style of animated visuals and live footage, mixed live to music. This is a very spontaneous and creative way of video mixing and it has applications in events, concerts, launches and performances. Iaminawe has an extensive archive of video clips and animation making for interesting and eclectic mixes.

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