Iaminawe likes to draw, cut, paste, photograph, paint, glue, click, stencil, sew, sculpt, spray, stick, peel, screenprint, scratch, scan, photocopy, print, vectorise, soak, crumple, drip, drop, throw and catch cool illustration projects.

We like to do this in and on books, magazines, T-Shirts, walls, websites, journals, sketchbooks, postcards and in your TV.

So if you have a brief that needs interesting interpretation and some fresh creative juice then look no further.

Graphic and Identity Design
Iaminawe likes to represent. We like to represent you too.

To do this, we design individual identities that encompass original logo design, business cards, letterheads, e-mail newsletters and anything else that applies to the way you present your business image to the world.

Print and Packaging
Iaminawe offers a full range of print based graphic design services including programs, posters, packaging, banners, brochures and all forms of promotional literature.

We have worked with many magazines and publishers and have created successful book cover designs, magazine layouts and editorial illustrations for a variety of clients

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