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Candela News

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Fresh news comes from the Candela Project in Guatemala, a disabled childrens centre that iaminawe donated a site to 3 years ago. They have sadly said goodbye to Felipe, who co-founded and has been running the centre in Guatemala for the past 10 years and we know he will be greatly missed (even his caps lock news posts). The centre started as a humble back room and thanks to Felipe, Adam, iaminawe and the many volunteers and donors, the centre now has a hydrotherapy pool, medical supplies, a car, a regular physiotherapist, a steady stream of volunteers and the smiles of Lake Atitlans disabled children… read the latest newsletter here and we would totally recommend this place as one of the most beautiful places in the world to volunteer.

Seer Kops Exhibition

A few updates…. if you are in Cape Town tomorrow night come along to the Cold Room where iaminawe are exhibiting some chaos in motion graphics work at the “Best Before Exhibition”…the address is New Cold Room, 25 Church Street, Woodstock commences @ 19:00 Xspires @ 23:00, cover charge: R10

Lawyers Access Web website

On the super-commercial side we announce the launch of the site created for Lawyers Access Web. The site is a clean corporate example of what iaminawe can do if you tell us to put our paintbrushes away for a while. We take no responsibility for blinking red links on the homepage. It just wasn’t us OK. The site that we designed for L@W is no longer live so links to it have been removed.


Iaminawe goes to the theatre

Iaminawe are involved in a very exciting project with Artscape at the moment and are creating 40 minutes of animation to be projected as backdrops for a theatre piece titled “New Day”.

The show is celebrating 10 years of democracy in South Africa and features a full orchestra, original stories by some of SA’s best writers, top local performers and of course original animation.

Running from March 9th-13th at Artscape Theatre in Cape Town.
Check the poster out .

Iaminawe Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to all our clients and friends! We wish you the happiest 2004!
Please click to view our flash christmas card constructed out of various characters and items collected on our travels.



The Midgard Expedition

Did you know that the planet is not going to be able to support the population by 2050?
We all know that the planet has been abused but few realise the extent and up until now solutions have been scarce.

10 Dedicated individuals, a yacht, 26 countries and an attempt to recapture the knowledge necessary for humankind to live more responsibly. The following presentation gives a brief overview of the expedition, its goals, its history and the current state of the planet.

It is currently in a slide by slide format and is narrated over during the presentation but we are in the process of changing it to more of an informational site.

View it at - The site is no longer live but here are some samples of how it looked.




Update: Unfortunately the expedition never actually went ahead due to a certain individual abusing the trust and skills of a large group of people concerned with supporting the mission. This group of people ranged from ex-presidents, to New York Explorers Club members, to true explorers and visionaries in their fields. I don’t need to mention his name but he knows what he did and he needs to live with himself and his deception.

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