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New Goldfish CD Artwork

CD Cover Artwork Front

CD Artwork Front

iaminawe recently completed graphic work on Goldfish’s second album including the print and multimedia components of the release. These included a poster, a tablecloth, a t-shirt, concert banners and bonus CD-ROM content containing a half hour live set of the fish in action. The CD is literally packed to the edge with tunes and goodies and we are proud to see our work getting exposure alongside the fishes beats and jazzy vibes. Keep reading to see some of the new designed stuff.

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Cityflauge T-shirts

iaminawe has teamed up with Fittees to create 5 new Cityflauge T-shirt designs currently on sale around Cape Town. The designs were realised with some very cool experimental printing techniques involving neon ink and bleach that gave the design a subtle 2 layers of detail. Thanks to the Fittees guys for modelling the tees in the gallery too :)


The “sheisaninja” design made it into the whatiftheworld gallery for their second t-shirt exhibition. We went to check it out but the gallery was closed so this was what it looked like from outside.

New T*M*A*S T-Shirts

Tmas TeeI couldn't believe it

T*M*A*S T-Shirt

Tmas T-shirt

Afrodeity T-Shirts


Cityflauge T-shirts

The first set of iaminawe t-shirts comes in the set of the “Cityflauge” series. A set of 20 individual hand screened and painted t-shirts that have generated a lot of interest. Each shirt was an one-off original and now all we have left of them are some cool photos and this microsite created

Citiflauge T-shirts


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