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Sarajevo Rose Book Cover

Sarejo Rose

Angella has just finished the cover design for this interesting new book By Anne Marie Bezdrob.

For two years, in the midst of the conflict in Bosnia, Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob was a United Nations peacekeeper in the besieged city of Sarajevo. As a resident of the city, she was no partial observer, but became passionately involved in individual lives, sharing the Sarajevans’ terrors and hard-won joys.
Calling the mortar scars ‘roses’ is symbolic of how Sarajevans faced the horror and privation of the war in Bosnia – with extraordinary courage, inventiveness and wry humour. As her story unfolds, we sense this same irrepressible spirit in the author herself.

Sarajevo Rose Book Cover 02

During the process of designing this cover the book’s title changed several times and Angella did some beautiful design work and alternate covers that never made the final cut but are still worth checking out. Iaminawe also designed the identity for Oshun.

Read more and buy the book at

Mimefields article

Mimefields article

This was written and illustrated after we came across a strange piece of street theatre at the Grahamstown Festival. The mimes that takeover the town during the festival have a cool original african style. Read the full size article here

SA Postage Stamps

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Oshun ID

Oshun Logo

iaminawe came up with the name and designed the identity for Oshun Books, a new women’s publishing imprint, encouraging the expression of all that women hold close to their hearts and aspire to in the world. Check out their website

African Labyrinth article

African labyrinths layout

View a full size version of the layout here

This was an article designed for Ritual Art for the first Laugh it Off Annual. It features various elements that were created for the website African Labyrinth and was used to promote the site.

Laugh it Off’s Desire Magazine

Iaminawe recently had some illustrations featured in Laugh It Off’s satirical bi-monthly magazine…. And this issues theme was “Desire”


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