Iaminawe (I- am - in- AWE) is a nomadic experiment in lateral living.
It is travel, passion, culture, movement, originality and creativity.
It is a stylistic affinity between the extremes.
It is a husband and wife creative engine for animation, design, illustration and film. In between indulging the thoughts and ideas they need to share with the world, they write articles, take photographs, illustrate their thoughts and animate their dreams.

We have lived, worked and travelled together since 2000 and have carted our remote office from the volcanoes of Guatemala, to the sand dunes of Morocco, to the charged working spaces of London ,to the tip of the African continent with a studio in Cape Town and a view of the sea and finally settling with 2 little girls in tow in the Kootenay Rocky Mountains of Canada in a beautiful city called Nelson.

Gregg ProfileGregg Coppen is from Durban. He studied for 3 years at Mediatek (now a mattress shop) and then went out into the world to seek his fortune. He hasn’t yet made the fortune but has worked in some interesting places around the world doing animation and web work. He found his future wife and partner while teaching animation & design in New York. They collaborated, travelled together, fell in love, produced some cool work, won some great clients and iaminawe was born.

He often finds himself swamped in complex actionscript worlds and dreams in vivid hexadecimal colours.
Downhill longboarding and surfing are his sanity.
He is from the South and likes Freehand.

Angella Profile

Angella Kuch-Coppen hails from Edmonton in Canada and studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. With her shoes full of brains and her brains full of feet, she travelled and gained experience and accolades working in studios in Canada, Australia, New York and London. She illustrates from her heart, drinks hazelnut coffee in industrial doses and loves to get new pens.

Things that keep her sane include; drawing mandalas, surfing and sunsets on the cliffs.

She dreams in perfectly registered CMYK colours.
She is from the North and likes Illustrator.

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