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sShadoworkss Website launched



Iaminawe created this wordpress site (no longer live) for legendary Cape Town underground event/tour/artist management outfit, sShadoworkss. These guys are the shadows behind some of Cape Town’s great parties and pulsing electronic music scene and they know how to keep the basslines rolling, the glitches glitching and the dancefloor rocking until the early hours. These behind the scenes shadows and their musical minions are exploring new areas of the sonic frontier with their fearless approach to redefining genres and inventing new ones.

South African radio stations are terrified of them and with good reason… reprezenting sonic terrorists The Real Estate Agents, apartheid afterparty glitch-a-delic-dance techno maniacs Sweat X, grand master turntablist Sibot, god of glitch Markus Wormstorm, jazz hop rockers Chromoscience, smooth groover DJ Low, improv jazzy beat-breakers Closet Snare and audio-visual tricknowledgy from Sibot and VJ Storyboy This shits too boomspastic and fantastic for general public consumption but if you dig it, you really dig it.I had the pleasure of VJing for a couple of parties for sShadoworkss this year alongside Cape Town superhero visualists Storyboy and Grrrl. It was great to project visuals this last year as 2007 saw a really cool variety of international masters like DJ’s Krush , Diplo and Jazzy Jay playing in SA and ubertalented local beat maestro’s and electro kids like Humanizer, Considerate Builders Scheme, Miss H, Marshall and Klinikal still keeping floors going into the early hours.The year climaxed with an outstanding party to celebrate Krushed and Sorted’s 10 year anniversary at the Assembly in Cape Town and pushing the bar up to the roof was Fletcher’s hour long Audio Visual set cutting and scratching all manner of pop culture video perfectly sync’ed to his rumbling basslines and foundation shaking beats. It meandered from politics to viral video to live bellydancers to classic animation and was a seamless blend of great original drum and bass and cleverly selected footage that provided a thoughtful and hilarious narrative. Respek Fletch!! People dancing and watching and laughing is a great combo to get right.Here were a couple of the years killer parties that I played visuals for as VJ Skabenga in 2007.

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Those shadows know how to throw a party.

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