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CNMA Awards Finalist

This year has already been full of interesting projects so far with animations for an Opera on a floating stage, a new music video for David Kramer, 2 Labyrinths, Art for Appletiser and a whole bunch of new websites and identities for a variety of causes, purposes and reasons.

Although our wallets boycotted the recent Design Indaba held in Cape Town, we popped in briefly to accept a finalist certificate for the “Onnerwater” video in the motion graphics category of the Construction New Media Awards. Thanks guys, its a lovely piece of shiny gold card.

We are moving offices at the end of the month to a huge studio space in Muizenberg (near Cape Town) where we will continue to create all manner of media in our usual fashion. Its opposite the beach and is going to be great as a venue for many workshops, screenings and events… so if you are in the area, come and visit.

The new version of the iaminawe web site will be fit for public consumption soon with a neat little flash frontend sitting on a heaving asp backend busting at the seams with unpublished illustrations, articles, photos, animations and designs.

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