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Cape Town 2004 Flippenbooks

This flippenbook is a collection of a few of Angella Coppen’s illustrations and streams of concious while living in Cape Town. This time period was characterised by explorations into a cool new swirly drawing style.

This flippenbook was created from illustrations created by Gregg Coppen while living in Cape Town. Mountains have replaced streets as the longboard inspirations spills out in different ways.

In this flippenbook we showcase some of the screenprinting and illustration work we did around the original cityflauge idea of becoming your cities King Kong.

So whats a flippen book? Well, if you haven’t yet, just try flip the pages of the illustration above and you will unearth a collection of interesting and beautiful illustrations and designs from that period of our lives.

If you would like to view this and other flippenbooks full size please open the flippenbook browser in another window.

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